Moving Body Shantigar Foundation With Elaine Colandrea,
Jean-Claude van Itallie, &
Megan Bathory-Peeler
Replenish yourself Come to an inspirational retreat led by three master teachers.

Replenish yourself with a weekend on Shantigar’s glorious remote New England mountainside.

Discover, in this highly original, unique workshop, the experience of creating art directly from your moving body
A time and place The fall season in the Pioneer Valley.

A fitting time and place to engage in genuine exploration and discovery.
Movement Movement sessions—sound, breath, movement, and silence—enabling you to tap into your body's fluid intelligence and natural creativity, led by an experienced Continuum teacher Create and channel Artist-guided explorations, channeling your moving body into various forms of creative expression Master teachers An inspirational retreat with master teachers Meditate and muse Time to metabolize, meditate and muse in pristine woods and fields