On The Nature of The Body

a dance installation by Elaine Colandrea,
bringing Botticelli’s Primavera to life


Betsy Jacaruso Studio and Gallery

The Courtyard, Rhinebeck, NY

Featuring Movement and Sound Artists

Sandra Capellaro – Beatrice Ehrsam – Rachel Evans
D.C. Getman – Sarah S. Kilborne – Monica Lewin
Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell – Amara Projansky

Visual Artists and Designers

Joe Bartusis – Suzanne Wright Crain – Mary Dzenutis
Betsy Jacaruso – Erik Kiviat – Maggie Pickard

In the 6th century BC, philosopher, poet and natural historian Lucretius begins his epic book, On the Nature of Things, with an invocation to the life giving, love stirring goddess Venus. Renaissance painter Botticelli reads Lucretius in 15th century Florence and creates the Primavera, an iconic painting celebrating Lucretius’ ode to Venus and the wonder working earth. Choreographer Elaine Colandrea, in collaboration with movement, sound and visual artists, brings the themes and characters of the Primavera to life in a dance installation.


“Elaine Colandrea succeeded in creating a new universe through her own Secret Garden.  Transforming dance into sculptural imagery the dancers in “On the Nature of the Body” took us on a trip to the inner sanctum of the spirit, making our return trip to earth a healing and refreshing one.” Linda Diamond, ENV Magazine, September 20, 2012