with Elaine Colandrea in Milan, New York
balls, bands & beyond

Physioballs, rollers, weights and therabands accompany you in a sequence of safe and sound exercises to stretch and strengthen. Pain and tension are often the result of muscular imbalance; some muscle groups are working too hard and some are too lax or unengaged. Posture, balance and coordination are affected in negative ways as well as breathing capacity and organ function. Bring your system into alignment with Moving for Health and increase your capacity for ease in your body and improved health. This class is effective and beneficial for elite athletes as well as people with physical compromises.

Breathe, balance, align, stretch and strengthen to feel better.


Fall  2023

Monday September 4 (Labor Day) – Friday December 22, 2023

no “live” classes in studio or on Zoom: Sep 14–15, Oct 26–Nov 13, Nov 23
Recorded classes available at all times

All classes will meet at the current schedule:

Mondays 9:30am – In studio with zoom option for long distance participants

Mondays 6:30pm – In studio with zoom option for long distance participants

Tuesdays 1:30pm – In studio

Thursdays 5:00pm – In studio

Fridays 9:30am – In studio

Fridays 2:00pm – In studio

My strong preference is to meet in my studio. While there is great value in taking class however you can, there is no replacement for in person teaching and learning. The choice is yours; I do want you to be aware of my preference. The zoom option is primarily for long distance participants.

Recorded classes will continue to be available for those enrolled in the Fall session. Please use them liberally to augment your regular class experience!

Fee: $180, based on the number of weeks
Due: August 25, 2023

Checks may be postdated, payment plans available
(I am still not charging people for multiple classes a week as I did pre-pandemic.)


There is a powerful HEPA Air filtration system in studio. There is also fresh air in circulation. Additional air purifiers are in the waiting room and bathroom.

Sanitizer is provided and required upon entry to studio and upon exiting from studio. Hands can be washed in bathroom.

Class size is limited.

Window will be open whether heating or cooling the studio.

Wearing a mask in class is optional. I will continue to wear a mask. No explanation is needed whether you choose to wear a mask or not wear a mask. If you have allergies, are recovering from a cold or cough, or have been exposed to Covid, please wear a mask in class.


Payment Methods:

Payable by check to Elaine Colandrea
375 Academy Hill Rd, Milan, NY 12571
Please note on the check the class/es that you are requesting

or via PayPal (link below) less desirable than payment by check due to fees that are often deducted
Please make sure your account is linked to your bank account (rather than a credit card) or that you transfer funds using “Send Money” or “Friends and Family” options, otherwise a transfer fee is charged which I will need to pass on to you. Please note the class/es that you are requesting.



Thank you for joining me!


Moving for Health Balance & Strength Class (19 min)

Moving for Health with physioball (70 min; January 2022)

Moving for Health Video Class (60 min)

Moving for Health Mini Class (18 min)

Moving for Health Roller Class (70 min)

Questions, please phone 845.758.4143 or email
Registration to Elaine Colandrea, 375 Academy Hill Rd, Milan, NY 12571
Payment plans available