Monthly Continuum Workshop

with Elaine Colandrea

Continuum classes are an invitation to slow down and pay attention to our true nature and inner wisdom. Explore the movement of breath, experience voiced sound permeating every cell, and move in fluid, spacious ways that emerge from attention to deeply felt sensation.

Continuum classes are an antidote to the speed and stress of everyday life. They are a support for other movement practices, for the creative process and for other healing modalities.

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Winter 2024 Continuum – Monthly Series

Exploring the Sacred Geometry of the Body


Vibration creates form expressed in patterns.
Breath, sound and movement are all manifestation of vibration.
Continuum explorations will take us into a lived experience of patterns of the universe. Are you curious about unity and wholeness?

In person at The Living Seed in New Paltz
(no online option this Winter)

Saturdays   |  1 pm – 4 pm

January 27
February 24

Changes for Winter 2024
This Fall season, Amara Projansky, who is on the path towards becoming a Continuum teacher under Elaine’s mentorship, will be guiding the monthly classes.

Elaine will be “present” through the class content, which Amara will learn and then transmit in her own unique way.

For Winter 2024, the sacred geometry of the body will be the theme.  

The core aspects of Continuum – breathing/sounding and fluid movement practices to free restrictions, dissolve habitual responses and liberate our inherent bio intelligence – will remain foremost in our class explorations.


Register directly with Amara Projansky.

Please send her a text message at 917-922-4540

Monthly Session: $40

Both Jan and Feb Sessions: $60

For those enrolled in Elaine’s weekly Continuum classes, the monthly class can be taken with a $20 contribution to the studio rent. Contact Amara: 917-922-4540

Thank you!



Questions, please phone 845.758.4143 or email,