Continuum In-Depth Retreat:
The Nourishing Waters Within

September 5 – 8, 2024
(Thursday evening to mid-day Sunday)

Dharmakaya Center for Wellbeing, Cragsmoor, NY

Elaine Colandrea, Continuum Guide

Life force is difficult to define. Yet, once we step away from outer-focused action we can both sense and nourish it. Over this nourishing long weekend, we will engage in biologically based explorations, developing deep personal resources by tending our inner fluid nature. We will use the Continuum process of breathing, sounding, and fluid movement to provide ourselves heartfelt and soulful attention, galvanizing health and wellbeing; it’s the perfect antidote to today’s overly programmed and homogenized world.

The serene Dharmakaya retreat setting, where basic needs are elegantly met, allows multiple days of immersion into the breath, sound and fluid movement sequences of Continuum. The primary focus is on the life affirming act of supporting personal life force, rather than tending the day-to-day activities of survival, which often lock bodies and identities into tense self-limiting patterns.

Practicing in the covered Outdoor Pavilion restores our connection to nature, giving a necessary infusion of the elemental energies that make up our bodies and our world. The indoor Meditation Hall and fire pit offer additional spaces for nurturing introspective and interoceptive discoveries.

This is a somatic movement workshop accessible to all ages and levels of ability.  Once laid out, the practices are done at one’s own pace. This self-guided aspect of Continuum builds inner authority and offers the opportunity for deeper levels of self-regulation—a necessary component of health, wellbeing, creativity and learning.


Workshop size is limited; Practice is self-paced and all abilities are welcome. Continuum experience is requested. In lieu of Continuum experience, please arrange an interview with the teacher, Elaine Colandrea, who will be happy to meet with you in person or virtually.

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