Omega 2024 ~ Save the Dates

June 30 – July 5, 2024

Omega Institute for Holistic Studies, Rhinebeck, NY

Continuum: The Art of Breathing
With Megan Bathory-Peeler and Elaine Colandrea

Reclaim the pleasure of breathing. Breathing is central to being at ease in relationship with our bodies, our Selves, and the world around us. Continuum gives us elegantly simple, practical, and relevant tools that engage the transformative nature of breathing while exploring fluid movement. 

All breath-stopping patterns – screen apnea, news apnea, sleep apnea, and so on – are eventually paralyzing. Continuum dissolves internal restrictions providing ease and comfort in our bodies with cleansing movement practices. Conscious breathing restores equilibrium, without having to understand or fix what is wrong.   

Collective engagement grows while practicing and exploring in our workshop sessions together. Our creative exchanges will generate benefits that extend far beyond the workshop. This retreat is for anyone who wishes to sustain themselves from a fluid state of wholeness, well-being, spontaneity, and joy. 

Information and Registration

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Workshop Co-organizers:

Elaine Colandrea explores how the somatic arts shape consciousness, inform and inspire the creative process, and foster connections with nature to organically create a more humane world. Continuum teacher and Artistic Director of Watermark Arts, dancer/choreographer, somatic educator and massage therapist, Elaine has been steeped in the practices of Continuum for over 30 years. With Rori Smith, Elaine co-authored The Elemental Body: A Movement Guide to Kinship with Ourselves and the Natural World, Epigraph, 2022.

Megan Bathory-Peeler is an expert somanaut, fully engaged in a moving inquiry of what it takes to thrive as a human in the 21st century. Megan’s unique Somanautiko approach produces collaborative play, supporting people of all ages to reclaim the power of their own creativity and trust the innate wisdom of their bodies. Somanautiko synergizes three decades of Megan’s professional interdisciplinary study and practice as a Certified Somatic Therapist/Educator, Continuum teacher, bodyworker, choreographer, performance artist, activist, and mother.

Co-faculty: Robin Becker, Ellen Cohen, Melanie Gambino, Bonnie Gintis, Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell, Linda Rabin